Episode 40

Ep. 40 Covid Watch #2

Published on: 23rd April, 2020
Due to the ever changing times we decided that if we were going to continue the show it had to be done with Covid in mind. While we apologize for not being able to give you the style of show we love to make we have figured out we can still argue dumb sh%$ about movies with out being in the living room. The live debate has been put on the shelf for the moment mostly because its impossible to edit and WAY more fun in the same room. That said , welcome to Covid Watch. We've gone to a one on one format, think more UFC and less Royal Rumble with not only cast members but friends, family, podcasters and some special guests as well. You'll be hearing arguments like always, interviews and we'll be trying out some new ideas because we all have the time. Lastly we've made our peace with the idea that TV should be allowed on the show. The big screen shall play with the little screen...for now. On the phone this week are cast members Jimmy Skinner, Chris Stanton and Mark Cowell. We talk horror movie cliches, marvels new direction with the hold on production, who else was up for Tim Burtons Batman, what we're all watching, the one world together concert , should Sesame Street be teaching kids about covid and lots more. Twitter @reeldebaters Instagram @reeldebaters [Click here to give us a review](https://ratethispodcast.com/reeldebaters) We are supported by: [Proper Designworks](https://www.instagram.com/properdesignworks/?hl=en). For all your custom embroidery and clothing needs.
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About the Podcast

Where Reel Life Meets Real Life
Could James Bond be a Chef? Should The Ghostbusters have their own restaurant? What would Indiana Jones and Laura Crofts wedding look like? Maybe you wanna find out if Conan The Barbarian could teach Sex Ed? We have the answers if you're curious...

Welcome to The Reel Debaters, where real life meets reel life

Micheal Petrow and Martin Navarro with their best good friends have gone too many sleepless nights while these and more questions like them continue to go unanswered.

Each week you’ll hear 4 debaters sit down as they come up with a new tussle where we compare, contrast and insult each other with our takes for your listening pleasure. We’ll either insert ourselves into the movie or tv show and see how we fare or bring the characters into real life scenarios and see how they hold water and as a bonus give you access and interviews in the Canadian film industry via everyone from the lead actor to the account behind the scenes to pull back the curtain on how they make movies in the great white north.

Wanna know who you’re listening to and their wheelhouses?

Micheal Petrow: 90's/Early 2000's ..actually just everything.
Martin Navarro: Sci fi/Fantasy
Jimmy Skinner: Horror and B Movies
Rob Strachan: Audio/Video and Classic Cinema
Ian Bawa: Director/Actor and Independent Films
Mark Cowell: Pop Culture and Popcorn Movies
Charles Fernandes : Comic Book and Super Heroes

Tune Wednesday for a new episode and if there’s something you wanna hear beaten to death send us an email thereeldebaters@gmail.com

About your hosts

Micheal Petrow

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A fan of everything and hater of very little to none, Micheal Petrow started this podcast after he was denied entry into the world of academia. After realizing you don’t need training to talk about movies (idiot!!!!) it was off to the races to purchase gear he had no idea how to use. 3 years later he is still recording with some of his best friends. While not in studio you can find him at the movies, local concerts , festivals and searching for the perfect t shirt.

Jimmy Skinner

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Comedian and horror expert Jimmy Skinner was recruited by Martin for a few one off shows and we all soon realized that we had been lost without him. A fan and critic off all things blood, gore and spooky you can count on Jimmy to know about , watch it and let you know if you’ll have PTSD after viewing it. When not in studio you can find jimmy on stage doing stand up anywhere there's a microphone

Martin Navarro

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Comedian , Sci Fi junky and nerd extraordinaire Martin Navarro was first on the docket to start as CO-Host #1. There really isn't a realm or dungeon he doesn't have his game pieces and knows his way around the shire more than anyone we know. When not in studio you can find Martin on stage in Vancouver doing stand up.